Facebook – Conversions

Conversions are customer-completed actions, like purchases or adding items to a cart on a website. Continue reading Facebook – Conversions


Facebook – Impressions

This is the number of times your ad was served. On our mobile apps, an ad is counted as served the first time it’s viewed. On all other Facebook interfaces, an ad is served the first time it’s placed in someone’s News Feed or each time it’s placed in a desktop right column. Continue reading Facebook – Impressions

Facebook – Cost Per Action (CPA)

This is the average amount that you’re paying for each action people take on your ads. What you pay depends on who you’re targeting and how many other advertisers are competing to show their ads to your audience. Well-designed ads will encourage more people to take an action; the more actions you get for your budget, the lower your cost per action will be. Continue reading Facebook – Cost Per Action (CPA)