Facebook – Ad

An individual ad includes its creative — the image, video, and/or text it uses — target audience, and bid. Your ads appear along with the stories that are relevant to your audience so it’s important that the creative in your ads are aligned with their interests. Continue reading Facebook – Ad


Facebook – Campaign

Your campaign revolves around the advertising objective you have decided on, like Clicks to Website, Brand Awareness, or Mobile App Installs. As you set up your campaign, you’ll create one or more ad sets to help you optimize and measure your results for each of your advertising objectives. And within each ad set are the ads themselves. All the ads in one ad set share the same daily or lifetime budget, schedule, bid type, bid info, and targeting data. Continue reading Facebook – Campaign

Facebook – Brand

Your brand is the emotional connection that people make with your business. It is based on everything you say and do as a company and includes the messages you communicate via advertising, the values and beliefs of your company, and experiences that you offer your customers. As the world gets smaller and smaller, and competition for goods and services becomes greater, a strong brand will set your business apart and is an invaluable intangible asset. Continue reading Facebook – Brand