The Ello Bill of Rights for Social Network Users

TO ENCOURAGE an atmosphere of responsibility and transparency, while creating the most positive social network experience, Ello has created this bill of rights for all social network users. Continue reading The Ello Bill of Rights for Social Network Users


Facebook – Desktop Right Column

Desktop Right Column refers to the ad placement option where an ad won’t appear in News Feed, but instead appears in the right-hand column in Facebook. Right Column ads are only available for desktop placement, not mobile. Continue reading Facebook – Desktop Right Column

Facebook – Ad Set

An ad set includes one or more ads, a budget, and a schedule. You can create an ad set for each of your audience segments by making the ads within the ad set target the same audience. This will help you control the amount you spend on each audience, decide when each audience will see your ads, and see metrics specific to each audience. You can also decide where the ads within the ad set appear on Facebook. Continue reading Facebook – Ad Set